Avenue Q

On Monday (26th), after our flat out weekend and my second day at work, I met Clare at home where she was picking me up for an 18-month surprise!

We headed for the tube, changed at Green Park and jumped off at Leicester Square.  At this point I was getting a little suspicious.  When Clare said we had to find St Martin’s Lane, I was pretty sure where we were headed, and was getting pretty excited.  Some background: I had wanted to see Avenue Q in New York, having heard all about it from Chris while we were in the Cinque Terre.  It didn’t eventuate in New York and I noticed that it was showing here and had decided it would be something I’d do as soon as I got a job.  As it turned out, Clare surprised me with tickets for our 18 month, which also tied in nicely with my getting a job.

First we went to a local Chinese restaurant for a very nice dinner, then we literally ran to the theatre taking our seats just as the lights were dimming.  Good timing I say!  The show was very funny, I’d highly recommend it!  It was a fantastic surprise!  We went out for coffee afterwards then headed home to bed.  Thanks Clare!!!

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