More Than You Expect

The Easter weekend was good fun for Clare and I. We had a day at home on Good Friday doing the washing etc and getting ready for Easter Sunday.

On Saturday we got up nice and early to head into Victoria Station for a day trip of Windsor Castle, Stonehenge and Bath. Despite the obnoxious American tourists (socks and sandals, Denise), who give the rest of their excellent country and fellow countrymen a bad name, it was a really good day.

We first headed off to Windsor Castle with a commentary about London the whole way there. We had a couple of hours to explore the castle seeing the grounds and then commencing the tour of the inside of the castle. Unfortunately cameras are banned, so there are no photos, but have no doubt; this place is grand. Everywhere you look there’s some gold plated ornament or gift from foreign lands. It could almost be classified as a museum.

After we finished the inside we had a wander around the grounds, saw a few marching guards on ceremonial duties, then watched the marching band play for the changing of the guard.

From Windsor Castle we headed for Stonehenge, arriving around an hour later. It’s a pretty spectacular sight, for its history as much as what physically stands today. We were given an hour to wander around the site and take in the information on the audio guides, which was full of speculation about the site’s history.

Following Stonehenge we went to lunch. Lunch was nice, albeit small, but we had to laugh, having paid £34 ($85), when the restaurant slogan was “More than you expect.” It certainly was!!!

As the day went on the weather improved even more, ending in a really nice afternoon in Bath. We were given an hour to explore the city. As I’d been with Bianca last year I knew a couple of places that I wanted to take Clare. We looked at the Royal Crescent and The Circle again, and had a look at the gardens by the river which had been planted up and opened for the Spring. It was really pretty.

From there we went to the Roman Baths where we were supposedly undertaking a torchlit tour and champagne reception. Neither of these happened, which was slightly disappointing, but it was still interesting to see the Baths in the nice weather.

Following Bath we had a really nice drive back to London through the countryside with the sun setting. I finally got to see that true English countryside!

On Sunday morning Clare and I got up and got ready for Easter brunch with Cynthia. Clare gave me chocolate eggs, plus a really bottle of really nice chocolate liquor in the shape of an Easter Bunny. She made me promise to get it refilled at Christmas, as a laugh.

We had Clare’s special Easter pancakes (impregnated with chocolate eggs) with champagne, dips, fruit etc. It was nice, and by early afternoon we were feeling nice and relaxed. We then took some beers to our park and had a drink in the gardens in the first really nice sun we’ve got! It was lovely!

Later that day we headed to Cynthia’s for dinner. Her place, in Little Venice, is really nice. She made us bruschetta and a delicious mushroom pasta with hot cross buns for dessert! We watched some Kath and Kim and Zoolander, then chatted to her flatmate for the night.

Monday was a relaxed day, we didn’t get up to too much. That night, however, I took Clare out for her Easter present – We Will Rock You. Though I’d seen it in Melbourne several years ago Clare really wanted to see it, and it was really good and a nice way to end a great Easter weekend!

The weather is definitely on the improve, t-shirts (and very pale skin) have been witnessed on me a couple of times now!

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