The Imperial War Museum

Throughout the week Adrian brought his laptop over and we finished Skins season 1 🙁 . We’re now going to have to find another series to keep us entertained for a while!

On Saturday we had a lazy morning, watching The Holiday in bed, then we headed out to the Portobello Road markets for the afternoon. The weather was great and we had fun exploring the very extensive markets. Later that afternoon we went shopping for some work clothes etc before meeting Sally in Fulham for dinner. After dinner we headed over to Andrew’s pub to have a few drinks and he joined us for his dinner break which was cool.

Yesterday we visited the Imperial War Museum’s Holocaust Exhibit. It was well done, but again very shocking and moving. It’s interesting to see the different accounts given by the different museums across the world. Though all tell similar stories, the exact personal accounts tell a variety of tragic stories and each museum has been a whole new experience. I find it interesting that I’m learning far more about world history on my weekends and in my last 6 months of travel than I ever did in school.

After a couple of loads of washing and dinner we watch the Da Vinci Code and headed to bed.

By the way Beth, if you’re reading, I bought another lilac shirt, haha! How metro! And yes, it was almost as ‘affordable’ as the last one!

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