Eurovision Party

Yes, I did just say Eurovision Party!  Anyone else excited?  The wonderful thing about living in London is that you can attend Eurovision parties, as the awards are playing, and witness them in all their glory.

Adrian met at our place for some pre-drinks before heading to Cynthia’s where the party was to take place.  Come 8:00 we all huddled into the lounge room, complete with some awesome party food, to watch the awards – as tragic as they are.

I don’t know why the Ukraine didn’t win, Philip tried to explain the politics of it all to me, but they were the best!  How can you go past Elton John look-alikes in silver tight-shorts singing “Eins eins, sieben sieben, eins, sieben, eins eins.  Everybody dance!”  Hilarious!

The UK gave it a fair stab too.  The theme: mile-high club I would suggest.  You see, when I decide to watch Eurovision I believe the tackier the better.  This is why I also believe that the Ukraine, then the UK should have won.

Instead, for some unknown [political] reason, Serbia won with their Joan Kirner look-alike and the Pussycat Dolls.  Oh well, such is life.

In other news I’ve had my contract with the HPA extended until the end of June, which is exciting.  There’s really not much else to report though at the moment.  Hi to everyone at home, I love you all!

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